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Dual Enrollment


This website is a guide to help navigate the ever-changing Dual Enrollment process. It is updated periodically, so the information should only be used as a guide. It is the student's responsibility to stay abreast of changes and follow the directions of the DE counselor. Specific, individualized directions will supersede anything that is written on this site.





What is Dual Enrollment?

Cobb County's Dual Enrollment Website Nuts & Bolts



Cobb County's website for DE questions

Dual Enrollment programs provide opportunities for Georgia high school students to take college-level courses and earn credit toward a high school diploma and a college degree at the same time. 

Dual Enrollment courses are available for any eligible 9th - 12th grade high school students. That said, most colleges have strict requirements that must be met before they will accept you. Also there are a number of prerequisites that must be completed before you will be able to attend. Check with your specific college for additional information.


How do I participate? 

Program requirements at each college are different. It is up to the student to find out the requirements for the college where they would like to earn credit. 


Requirements may include the following:

ACCUPLACER, or ACT/SAT test scores

Application deadlines

GPA and age requirements

Official copy of the high school transcript

Due to proximity,  most SHS students attend one of the following schools.

Click their links below!


I have the scores!  What is next?

1. You must submit 1)your passing scores (SAT, ACT or ACCUPLACER) to the counseling department (in person) along with 2) your completed Participation Agreement, 3) your Local School Agreement form, and 4) the Dual Enrollment Rules (see links below.)


  • Failure to submit these forms will prevent you from moving forward in the DE process.

  • Emailed copies will not be accepted.

  • Please note that the DE counselor will help you complete section III of the Participation Agreement and the transcript section on the Local School Agreement. You must have all the other sections completed; this includes the parent and student signatures. 

  • Parents and students must initial next to each DE rule and then they must sign the document. 

2. Once submitted, our counseling clerk will review the forms for completion and accuracy within one week. At this point, you will be allowed to schedule a DE meeting.

  • Dr. White, our DE counselor, only meets with DE students on Fridays; please plan accordingly. 

3. After Dr. White advises you on the high school credits and helps you finish your participation agreement, you will submit your required paperwork to the college. Once everything has been submitted, the college will notify you concerning your acceptance. They will also schedule a required advisement meeting. The college adviser will review your classes and give you scheduling directions.

  • You are not to meet with the college adviser until AFTER you meet with Dr. White. 


4. Once you create a schedule at the college, a copy of it MUST be provided to your counselor (hand-delivered). 


  • Funding will not be approved until the paperwork has been submitted.

  • Emailed copies will not be accepted.

  • Once you submit your schedule, you will not be allowed to make changes, so please choose carefully.

5. You must complete your funding through GAFutures. The directions are listed at the bottom of this page. Your funding must be completed each semester. This is due no later than May 1st for the summer and fall semester and November 1st for the spring semester. 



You must meet with Dr. White EVERY semester to continue participating in DE.


1. You will need to print the Participation Agreement (see link below) and complete the form, except section III. Please remember to include the parent and student signatures. Unsigned documents will not be accepted.

2. You will need to come to the counseling department and drop off your form to Mrs. Gonzalez. 

3. You will need to schedule your meeting. Remember that all DE meetings occur on Fridays only.


Note: You are responsible for scheduling this meeting each semester. If you do not meet with your counselor and complete all the DE steps, before the deadline, you will not be allowed to participate in DE for the next semester. 

If you attend KSU: You will be required to participate in a mass scheduling day with the KSU advisor. Once you have completed this task, they will give you a "DEP Proposed Schedule" form that must be signed to Dr. White. You will need to bring this form to the counseling department and drop it off for review and approval. Dr. White will review it on the upcoming Friday for approval. Once signed, she will leave the DEP Proposed Schedule Form with Mrs. Gonzalez, the counseling clerk. You can pick up your signed copy one week after you submit it for review. Once you receive the signed copy, you will need to hand-deliver it to KSU. Your counselor will not do this for you. Please plan accordingly.

Please remember that we do not work for KSU or Chatt Tech, and we do not adhere to any of the colleges' guidelines or rules. Cobb County has our own due dates, deadlines, and schedules. 

Deadline dates for Cobb County: 

Spring classes - deadline to turn in all paperwork, scores, and your funding application - November 1st

Summer and Fall classes - deadline to turn in all paperwork and scores - May 1st


All schedules are due no later than December 15th for the spring semester and May 15th for the summer and fall semester. Failure to submit your schedule will result in you returning to SHS for the upcoming semester. 

No exceptions will be made to these policies. Regardless of what the college(s) state, you must submit all required documentation by the listed deadline dates for Cobb County. 

How do I pay for it? 

Complete the online Dual Enrollment funding application on www.GAfutures.org 

  1. Go to www.gafutures.org

  2. Click on “HOPE & State Aid Programs” tab at the top

  3. Click on “Scholarships and Grants” and select “Dual Enrollment”

  4. Click on “online Dual Enrollment funding application” (be sure you entered your correct Social Security Number and birthdate in your profile)

  5. Complete the Online Funding application

  • Be sure that you select the correct college where you are participating in DE

  • Be sure that you select Sprayberry Senior High School (112005) as your school


This must be completed EACH SEMESTER