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Dual Enrollment (DE) is now CLOSED for the upcoming summer/fall semester (June-December 2024). The deadline to meet with Dr. White was Friday, April 12, 2024.


Registration for the spring 2025 semester will open

 Friday, August 30th, 2024

and it will end Friday, October 18th, 2024.

No late appointments will be accepted.

Please plan accordingly.

All of your Dual Enrollment (DE) questions will be answered under the Dual Enrollment tab. Please click through all the tabs and complete the required steps. 

Refrain from reaching out to Dr. White

with your initial questions.

All questions need to go through your regular counselor.

Dr. White will only meet with you to develop your college schedule once you complete all the steps in the checklist listed under the Forms, Rules, & Instructions tab. You will continue to work with your regular counselor after you have been accepted into Dual Enrollment.

To participate in dual enrollment, you must pass all of your high school classes. Students who are currently failing a class will not be allowed to participate. 

*All DE students must have transportation to participate in this program.

DE full-time students will not be allowed on Sprayberry's campus during the school day.

* Part-time DE students are only allowed to be on campus during the block in which they

are taking a Sprayberry class.

*Additionally, chronically absent students will not be allowed to participate

in Dual Enrollment. 


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