College Planning!

Senior Timeline

The College Application Checklist gives you a graphic organizer to track deadlines, applications, transcripts and FAFSA information for each college where you apply.


This is a great way to stay organized! 

Senior Timeline!




Summer                                                    Establish a resume which includes co-curricular activities, honors/awards                                                                   received, leadership, and community service hours


July/August                                               Register for the August SAT or September ACT (if necessary)


August/September                                     Register for the October SAT or ACT (if necessary)


September                                                 Attend the Senior Parent Night and talk with your parent/guardian

                                                                about what you learned


                                                                Scheduling a meeting with your school counselor (if necessary)


                                                                Make arrangements for fall college visits


                                                                Check college application requirements and, if necessary, ask a teacher

                                                                (current or former) and/or counselor for a letter of recommendation


                                                                Prepare college application essays and personal statement (if required

                                                                by the college) 


September/October                                    Register for the November SAT (if necessary)

                                                                Attend the Pay For College Night with your parent/guardian



October                                                    Complete and submit your FAFSA online as soon as possible after

                                                               October 1.  Keep a copy of your FAFSA application for your records.




October/November                                    Register for the December SAT or ACT (if necessary), attend Apply to                                                                       College Day at SHS



October – December                                 Take note of ALL college application deadlines and finalize applications




December                                                 Approximately 4-6 weeks after you submit your FAFSA, you should

                                                                receive the results in the form of an SAR.  Send it to any of your chosen

                                                                colleges if they have not received a copy.


January                                                     If you are a male and have not registered for the Selective Service,

                                                                complete the check-off box on your FAFSA or register on the US Post

                                                                Office website. 


February – April                                         Continue applying for scholarships, taking note of application deadlines


                                                                Bring a copy of college decision letters and scholarship award letters

                                                                you receive to the Counseling Office


April                                                         Review college acceptance letters and financial aid award letters


                                                                Inform the college of your choice of your decision to attend and pay

                                                                required deposits


May                                                         Complete Final Transcript Request and Graduation Survey. Remember that                                                                each transcript costs $2.00.


                                                                Enjoy your last month of high school :)


June                                                         The Sprayberry High School counseling office will send your final

                                                                transcript to the college you plan to attend, and to the GSFC through

                                                                the GAFutures website for HOPE scholarship eligibility. Final transcript cost                                                                 is $2.00.

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