Senior Biography-
For your Letter(s) of Recommendation (LOR)

Please click on the "Senior Biography" button for access to the Senior Bio Sheet. This sheet will help guide you in writing all about yourself.  It is imperative that you "brag" about yourself.  The more information that you give your counselor, the more your Letter of Recommendation (LOR) will stand out over other applicants.
Once you have written out your responses in a Word document, you will need to email it to your counselor.  Student bio sheets must be completed two-weeks in advance of your request.  Last minute requests cannot be accommodated, so you must email your counselor in a timely manner. 

Ms. -  (students A-D)

Dr. -    (students E-Li)

Dr. -  (students Ll-Roc, DE for Chatt Tech & all 2-year colleges)

Dr. -  (students Rod-Z, DE for KSU & all 4-year colleges)

**Handwritten student bios will not be accepted.