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   official transcript requests


Class of 2022:

It is time for seniors to request their FINAL transcriptClick HERE to access the Microsoft form link.

(It is also listed under Important Updates).


Deadline to order the FINAL transcript is Monday, May 23rd during Senior Clearance.

Unofficial transcript requests

Please see Mrs. Wagner, the counseling clerk, in the lobby of the counseling office, during your lunch. This option is for current students only

Sprayberry Graduates



If you need an official transcript for a job or to further your education, please click HERE

Note: You will be directed to the CCSD Student Records Request website to request your transcript.


   Sprayberry CEEB                 Code

new Enrollments

New student registration for the 2022-2023 school year is available online on the Cobb County School website.  

Families may also click HERE to download new enrollment instructions.


Note: Non-English speaking families in need of interpretation/translation services may contact the International Welcome Center at 678-331-3086. 

Si usted no habla inglés y necesita ayuda con el proceso de inscripción, comuníquese con el Centro Internacional de Bienvenida (International Welcome Center) al 678-331-3086 y presione 0.


2021-2022 Counseling department

Student Last Names: A - D

Ms. Lea Ponticelli


Student Last Names: E - Li

Mrs. Misty Hawk


Student Last Names: Ll - Roc, DE for Chatt Tech 

Dr. Brandy Brady, Department Chair


Student Last Names: Rod - Z, DE for KSU 

Dr. Tammy White


School Registrar, Enrollments & Withdrawals

Ms. Theresa Morales


Counseling Clerk, Records Requests

Mrs. Marilyn Wagner


connect with us:

Instagram: @sprayberrycounseling

Twitter: @SHScounse1ing

Important Updates:

Class of 2022 Final Senior Transcript Request (seniors only): It is time to request your FINAL transcript.  Seniors must request a final transcript for the institution they plan to attend.  If you are a student-athlete and playing a sport in college, please complete the form two times; first to add the name of the institution you plan to attend, and second to list either 'NCAA Eligibility Center' or 'NAIA Eligibility Center' for the college name.  Final transcripts are sent after the semester has concluded, directly to the institution or organization (e.g., NCAA, NAIA).  Click HERE to complete the form.

Class of 2022 Academic Signing Day (seniors only): The annual (in-person) Academic Signing Day is back!  All seniors are invited to participate if they have been accepted into a 2-year and 4-year college or university.  If you would like to participate, please click HERE

The deadline to complete the form is Friday, April 22.

Class of 2022 Graduation Survey (seniors only): All seniors are required to take the Class of 2022 Graduation Survey in the their Naviance account.  This is REQUIRED for graduation, so please make sure that you complete the 4-question survey as soon as possible.  The counseling department will send many reminders through CTLS Parent, and the only way to be removed from the distribution list is to complete the Graduation Survey.  Click HERE to view the directions to complete the survey.  The deadline to complete the required task is MAY 2.

Class of 2022 Scholarship Offer Letters (seniors only): Have you received scholarship offers or an Academy appointment?  Please submit ALL scholarship offer letters, including those you do not plan to use (exclude HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship).  We want you to be recognized for your hard work and dedication!  Each high school submits scholarship dollars to the Superintendent's office.  1) To complete the form, students must be signed into their Office 365 account; and 2) Students need to complete the form for each individual scholarship offer letter.  For example, if submitting three scholarship offer letters, the student must complete the form three times.  Click HERE to access the form. 
The deadline to submit scholarship offers is MAY 2.

Free App March (seniors only): Several colleges are waiving their application fee, March 1-31.  
Click HERE to view the 4-year colleges in Georgia that are waiving their fees in March
Click HERE to view the technical colleges in Georgia that are waiving their fees in March

Scholarship Opportunities (REMINDER)
: All scholarship opportunities are uploaded in Naviance.  As scholarship opportunities are received, they are uploaded to Naviance for all students.  To view all available scholarship opportunities, 1) log into your Naviance account, 2) click on the Colleges tab at the top of the screen, 3) click Scholarships & Money, and then 4) click Scholarship Search.

Undecided Senior Day (seniors only): If you have not yet applied to any colleges or are unsure of where you want to go, what you want to do, or where to start; please sign up for the college visit from Chattahoochee Technical College. You will have the opportunity to listen to the programs offered and complete their application. After the presentation, counselors will be available to help answer questions and assist with the application process.  This meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 23rd in the LGI during AO. Interested seniors must sign up using the following Google Form - https://forms.office.com/r/TT5YBGsaUQ

Requesting Mid-year Transcripts for College (seniors only): Mid-year transcripts were made available by the end of January.  The mid-year transcript has each senior's final grades from the first semester, their in-progress (IP) classes for the current semester, and their updated GPA. Some colleges may contact seniors individually requesting a mid-year transcript, but if the senior has not been accepted to the college yet; he or she will need to be sure to order the official transcript to be sent to the college. Instructions for ordering official transcripts are listed above.  Seniors must follow the same two-step process as they did when ordering their initial transcripts during the first semester; add the colleges in the Naviance account and pay for the official transcripts on MyPaymentsPlus. If both steps are not completed, there may be a delay in sending the transcripts in Naviance.

Transcript Requests (seniors only): If you had a college application deadline in late December through January 4th, you were required to request your official transcript by Tuesday, December 14th. Please be sure to follow the instructions to request an official transcript as they are posted on the left side of the screen under Official Transcript Requests - Class of 2022Transcript requests that were sent after the December 14th deadline will not be fulfilled over the Holiday break as CCSD will be closed.  

December Graduate Clearance: The December graduate clearance was held on
Thursday, December 16th, 1:30-2:30 PM in the Media Center. Seniors that were scheduled to be December graduates were required to participate in this event. Seniors were required to bring any library books, textbooks, and any outstanding fees that needed to be paid. Additional information was sent through CTLS Parent on December 2nd.

11th Grade Advisement: The counseling department hosted 11th-grade advisement throughout the entire month of November. Students were invited to meet with the counselors and review important information needed to move from 11th to 12th grade, and they received a copy of their transcript and status report. Parents/guardians have been able to view the same video that was shown during 11th-grade advisement by clicking HERE.  After reviewing the video, parents/guardians are welcome to reach out to their student's assigned counselor in December if there are additional questions. 

Counselor caseloads and contact information are posted above.

Apply To College Day (Seniors only): This senior event took place on Friday, November 12th, 8:30 AM-2:30 PM, in the Media Center. This was an opportunity for seniors to submit their college applications, apply for scholarships, meet with college reps, and ask questions about financial aid. To participate, seniors were required to sign up in the Counseling Office.  The sign-up deadline was Wednesday, November 10th.

Scholarship Opportunities (REMINDER): All scholarship opportunities are uploaded in Naviance.  As scholarship opportunities are received, they are uploaded to Naviance for all students.  To view all available scholarship opportunities, 1) log into your Naviance account, 2) click on the Colleges tab at the top of the screen, 3) click Scholarships & Money, and then 4) click Scholarship Search.

Pay For College Night: The counselors hosted Pay For College Night on Thursday, October 21, for 11th and 12th Grade families. Mr. Hilliard, the GSFC rep, covered HOPE and Zell Miller scholarship information, the FAFSA, the cost of attendance for college, and more. Everything that Mr. Hilliard covered is available on GAfutures, and the flyers are listed below.  If you have specific questions regarding your student's situation, please consider scheduling an appointment with Mr. Hilliard, as he is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Click the GAfutures tab at the top of the page to schedule a 30-minute phone consultation.
11th & 12th Grade Checklist - click HERE
Paying For College Checklist - click HERE
FAFSA Checklist - click HERE
HOPE Program Summary - click HERE

Parent Night with Counselors Presentations: The counselors hosted Parent Night with Counselors on Tuesday, September 14, with two identical sessions for 9th & 10th Grade families as well as 11th & 12th Grade families.  The information discussed the following topics: graduation and grade-level promotion requirements, GAfutures, HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarship, Importance of rigor, Dual Enrollment, Naviance, and much more!  Check out the presentations below.
Click HERE to view the 9th & 10th Grade Presentation 
Click HERE to view the 9th & 10th Grade FAQ's
Click HERE to view the 11th & 12th Grade Presentation
Click  HERE to view the 11th & 12th Grade FAQ's

12th Grade Bridge Law Presentation: To ensure our seniors have unlimited access to the presentation that provides pertinent information including, but not limited to post-secondary options, the college application process, Naviance, scholarships, and financial aid. To view the presentation with the voice-over option, click HERE. To view the presentation without the voice-over, click HERE.

December Graduates: The December Grad meeting was held on
Wednesday, August 25th during AO Seniors that are listed as December Graduates received a pass to attend the meeting. This meeting was for current December Grads only.

Scholarship Opportunities:  Cobb County requires all scholarship opportunities to be uploaded in Naviance.  As scholarship opportunities are received, they are uploaded to Naviance for all students. To view all available scholarship opportunities, 1) log into your Naviance account, 2) click on the Colleges tab at the top of the screen, 3) click Scholarships & Money, and then, 4) click Scholarship Search.

9th Grade Frequently 

Asked Questions