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                                         YouScience 101 
               What is YouScience and how can it help me
                             determine my career path?

How to Update/Change your Email address in Naviance

how to use the rep visits feature in naviance to meet virtually with college admissions reps

Logging onto naviance from home

Core Lesson

Reducing Stress & Anxiety Part I

12th graders: Core Lesson

What is Common App and how to create an account before you link to Naviance

11th Graders & Undecided 12th graders: Core Lesson

Searching for College(s) 

Through Naviance

Core Lesson
Stress & Anxiety
Part II

11th & 12th Graders: Core Lesson on 

Using Big Futures to help with Scholarship Searches, Finding Your College, and Finding your Career

12th Graders: Core Lesson  

How to Search for  

Scholarships via Naviance

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