If you receive free or reduced lunch, you are eligible to receive two free SAT and two free ACT waivers. In order to receive these waivers, you must complete one of the following two steps:

1. Submit the letter that you received from CCSD Food & Nutrition Services (Fueling Student Success). It will be signed by Heidi Groves, the Regulations Supervisor. This letter will serve as proof that you receive free/reduced lunch and you can request the waivers, once submitted. 


2. Print the "shared information form" (above) and have the legal guardian complete it. Once completed, the student can return it to SHS's cafeteria manager for approval. Once approved, she will notify Mrs. Gonzalez in counseling. This takes approximately one week, so plan accordingly. You may stop by counseling to get your waivers. 

** This is only for 11th and 12th grade students. This must be completed yearly.

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