Please review the following information regarding SAT and ACT waiver requests

Due to the Cares Act, all students receive free lunch during the 2021-2022 school year.  To determine if you qualify for an SAT or ACT waiver, please review the attachments below, SAT Waiver Information and ACT Waiver Information.  Both attachments list the documentation that is required to receive an SAT/ACT waiver.​

Please provide a copy of your documentation to receive the SAT/ACT waiver to Mrs. Wagner, the counseling clerk.  

** You will receive one SAT and one ACT waiver in 11th grade, and one SAT and one ACT waiver in 12th grade. This must be completed each school year.**

Once you take the SAT/ACT using a waiver, you may receive up to 4 college application fee waivers for your senior year.