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Chatt Tech (CTC) does not require a minimum GPA or SAT/ACT scores to participate in the DE program unless you are a 10th grader. Please review CTC's website for additional information. 

Click this box to see Chatt Tech's rules and deadline dates. Please remember to check Sprayberry's deadline dates also. You must meet BOTH deadline dates to participate in DE. 

Click this box to see the four steps you must complete to apply to Chatt Tech (CTC) for Dual Enrollment.  Additionally, you will see the "Apply Now" button. You will need to complete all four steps listed on this page AND the CTC application. 

Click this box to see what you need to do after you have been accepted into CTC's DE program. 

Chat Tech Students:
CTC Dual Enrollment students will be placed in
one o
f two programs of study:
Early College Essentials or a specific technical program
, such as Automotive, Certified Nursing Assistant, etc.
Most of our CTC students will be in the Early College Essentials group, which will allow you to take core classes like math, ELA, science, history, etc. 
Students predominately taking CTAE/Technical Dual Enrollment courses will need to submit the Dual Enrollment- Course Outside Program Registration Request form 
to register for CORE classes.
Your Chatt Tech advisor will be able to help you with this. 

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